Monday, 14 February 2011

All that glitters...

When it comes to going out clothes, I absolutely adore sequinned and beaded detail clothing as it enhances a glamorous city-girl look. As you walk into that party/club or social event, heads turn at the sheer elegance and sparkle of a sequinned and beaded outfit, no matter what type of an outfit you are wearing.
Recently, I purchased a lot of beaded/sequinned skirts, tops and dresses. So I decided to do a look with my favourite party skirt with gold beaded detail. With the elegant surroundings of Buckingham Palace at night, the sparkle and glitter really brought the outfit to life.

Top- Forever21; $2.99, Skirt- Topshop; £65, Shoes- Topshop; £70 reduced to £15!, Ring- Accessorize; £15, Bracelet from Tibet, Purse/Clutch- Aldo, Necklace- Bershka; £1.99!  


  1. Nice photographs! and I like your style -awesome!!!

  2. Obviously you don't take it very well, else you wouldn't have deleted the comment, nor made a deal out of it by fb statusing it, so this will be my last post as your too narrow-minded to improve in any way. It just goes to show you wouldn't last a second in the fashion industry where you'll find a lot of criticism and not everyone will love what you have to offer, not that your getting there any time soon..

    One last suggestion, remember the purpose of the blog and the photos; you seem very wrapped up in taking pretty pictures of yourself and posting them, that your outfit choices are rather sloppy.

    Now don't cry over this comment, just review your blog again and see where there is room for improvement.

  3. just a suggestion to make it MORE about the CLOTHES.. perhaps pull more than one outfit for each post and make it current season so someone who likes what they see in your shoots can go out and buy the items themselves :)

    also, its all very predictable - would be great to see you take a new direction with this if you really are serious about fashion (think high end fashion, not high street trash in Women's Weekly)

  4. jokes
    u luk stunning!! keep it up

  5. wher da beads ?

  6. Hi, thank you for nice comments, and thanx for the constructive criticism to the one person who did give me that.
    As for the other person, all I have to say is...there's no reason for me to act out against a comment that was truly 'constructive criticism' as you say. It was because you were RUDE, you are one of my Facebook friends, so if you have so much to say, why can't you say it to me yourself. Don't remind me what the purpose of MY blog is, it's mine so I'll do what I like with it.

  7. I agree with the people above. You've clearly made this blog to attract attention, not to exploit the different genres, if i may, of fashion. If you're fashion's "goddess", please don't commit this level of injustice to the wonderful world of fashion. And please, being a photographer myself, learn some proper poses!