Blog Manifesto

When I started this new venture, it was really a fashion news blog for shoppers but as I keep building posts, I realized it evolved into more of a style blog expressing my own 
style and thoughts on trends in fashion. So I guess now it is a bit of both!
People have commented and asked me why I decided 
to call it 'Fashion's Goddess'. Do I consider myself as Fashion's Goddess? The answer is NOT AT ALL!! I'm just an ordinary girl who loves shopping, following fashionable trends, styling and getting inspired by designers and fashion icons. 

If there's something about fashion I believe in, it's this; 

What you wear and how you dress shows who you are and who you want to be. I believe that Fashion is an artistic form of self expression through which we hold the power to be whoever we want to be, express whatever we want to say to the world. If clothes, jewellery, accessories and make-up give you the power and ability to create and shape your own identity, then consider yourself FASHION'S GODDESS!!

Eshani xx ;)