Sunday, 3 April 2011

Summer 2011 Key Fashion Trend: Maxi Skirts

As spring begins with pretty flowers (particularly daffodils) and patches of sunshine, a new season begins in the world of fashion.

MAXI SKIRTS are a huge trend this summer! Last year, Maxi dresses and skirts were slowly becoming popular but this year the focus is on long and beautiful Maxi Skirts. I Especially LOVE the beautiful long chiffon and light material skirts which look elegant and graceful. This summer, looking feminine and girly is very much the key to dressing.

Here are some the maxi skirts by designers I'm loving;
Alberta Ferreti, Chloe and Lavin (from left)
Light Patterned, Pleated and Simply Flowy; they come in all different styles this season. My Favourite; definitely the Lanvin; extravagant and Spanish-looking.

Here are some of my high-street favourites; 
I know, I know, they kind of look all the same....but I have a weakness for chiffon material !!
   From left to right;
1. £5.84!!
2. £45
3. American Apparel- £52


  1. i love me a mxi skirt anyday
    Lydz xX

  2. I have this really cool maxi from the 70s! TO DIE FOR :)