Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Midnight Blues

Firstly, Happy New Yr Everyone! I know I didn't blog as much I would have liked to in 2010 but that is definitely going to change in 2011. There's gonna be a lot more on fashion coming your way so watch this space!

Here is a look I put together centred around a dusty, midnight blue colour that is great for going out at night. With the end of 2010, Xmas and New Year, I thought I'd inspire a new colour other than the christmassy reds, greens, violets, whites and blacks which have been predominantly featured in fashion over the holiday season. As the winter wonderland trend slowly fades out, in come the bold and sexy going out looks!

For the first time ever, I've done a photo shoot, modelling the looks myself! Don't judge...It's only my first time! Thank you soo much, my lovely friends of Floor 4 who helped with make-up, hair and photography!!

It was really hard to capture the satiny feel of the fabric and shift dress look in these photos. What I loved most about the dress was how well the dusty greyish-blue colour went with the style of the dress; a twist on the classic shift dress with a draping low back and synched-in waist. It goes well with any bold or delicate detailed necklace and a pair of black heels.

1. Dress- ASOS.com, £40, 2. Necklace- Warehouse, 3. Shoes- H&M,£19.99, 4. Ring- Acessorize, £15, 5. Silver Bracelet- GRT Silver Jewellers (India)

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